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5pcs Canvas Panel Painting's Wooden Inner Frame-KaboodleWorld

5pcs Canvas Panel Painting's Wooden Inner Frame

If you have a canvas only print and you want it framed, these are the frames you need if you bought the 5 panel art work. Please make sure you know the size of your canvas. A fun DIY project. Staple the canvas on this frame and you can hang it on your wall.

Note: These are only wood frames (back mounting), no canvas included!  
There are free hooks and nails included.

Medium Size:
  • 8"x14"x(2), 8"x18"x(2), 8"x22"(1)  
  • 20x35cmx(2), 20x45cmx(2), 20x55cmx(1)
    Large Size:
    • 12"x20"x(2), 12"x28"x(2), 12"x32"(1)
    • 30x50cmx(2), 30x70cmx(2), 30x80cmx(1)
      X-Large Size:
      • 16"x24"x(2), 16"x32"x(2), 16"x40"(1)
      • 40x60cmx(2), 40x80cmx(2), 40x100cmx(1)

      Other Sizes Medium:

      • Medium: 8"x22"(1), 8"x16"(4)
      • 20x55cm(1), 20x40cm(4)

      Other Sizes Large:

      • 12"x32"(1), 12"x24"(4)
      • 30x80cm(1), 30x60cm(4)
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